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Solar Water Solutions!
Worldwide leader in developing high Security products!
Manufacturing the Finest Commercial Solar Lighting!

Welcome to LoCking Solutions Ltd!

LOCKING SOLUTIONS LTD is a private company registered in Tanzania, being a major dealer in High security systems and Advanced Solar Water Heating for Industrial and Domestic use and is involved in sales of MUL–T–LOCK High Security Products such as Cylinders, Door Locks , Padlocks, Car Security, Decorative Steel Doors, Etc. As well as CHROMAGEN Solar Water Heating Solutions.

  • Our approach to all client services is based on our understanding of security and water heating needs within the Country. We only render services, which we believe to be beneficial to our clients.

  • LOCKING SOLUTIONS LTD is in a strategic and advantaged position to fruitfully execute any project in areas of High Security and Solar Water Heating Technology.
LOCKING SOLUTIONS LTD Has also set up after sales services to assist the client in the use and efficiency of the products.


  • Assignments entailing specialized skills not available in our Company, will be tenable from our mother company..