Water Heaters:

Chromagen is a leading international manufacturer of solar and electric water heaters, combining the most advanced technology and traditional heating methods. Our products incorporate state-of-the-art engineering, rugged construction and select materials, resulting in efficient and durable products. Click to download full specifications..

1 | External Coating | Polyester coating provides extreme durability and an attractive finish.
2 | Insulation | A thick polyurethane insulation layer ensures optimal insulation and heat retention.
3 | Storage Tank | Constructed with thick steel, automatically welded, ensuring precision and permitting a working pressure of 8 bar. 
4 | Enamel Coating | An internal glass-enamel layer protects against corrosion. 
5 | Electric Element | Energy-efficient electric element with rapid heating time enables the provision of hot water 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 
6 | Sacrificial Anode | Magnesium Anode provides anti-corrosion protection to the pressure vessel. 
7 | Thermostat | A built-in thermostat ensures that the water temperature inside the tank does not exceed a preset temperature, while using the electric heating element. 
8 | Double Jacket Heat Exchanger 
9 | Cold Water Inlet 
10 | Hot Water to User 
11 | Heat Exchanger Inlet 
12 | Heat Exchanger Outlet 
13 | Heat Exchanger Safety Valve 
14 | * Auxiliary Heating Inlet